Arkshore Konsults Nigeria ltd. Is one of the major actors in the agricultural value chain in the Niger Delta. We have over 15 years experience and seasoned professionals with which we help farmers archive their dreams through making better income using the market system approach (m4p) and collaboration with international agencies like USAID, DIFID, GEF, and major national and multinational  agencies like PIND, SMEDAM, MADE etc. to develop systems that works and favour  farmers, ranging for innovative and latest practices, to linkages that result in market for farmers.

Base on our continuous success stories from projects like  FIIN, cluster Fish farms in Ondo, EDO, WArri and Akwa Ibom. We have decided to roll out a new Mega FARM CAMP in Ondo and Ekiti state. This farm camp is set to revolutionarize  the farming experience in the two states through this landmark project.  The covid 19 has created a vacuum in the raw material availability in the local and international market. There is no better time to invest into farming than now. As a result we are opening up over 1200 hectres of land for individuals to own their farms and create wealth with our expertise guidance and our link to market for their product at a competitive price.

Its time to tap into this new gold mine and join our growing list of happy farmers.


  1. You stand a chance to own two plots of land
  2. You stand a chance to take loan of up to 4million depending on your business plan
  3. Your farm will be properly manage by specialist(vet Doctors, soil scientist, animal health scientist, business developer etc) for good result
  4. Access to water supply
  5. Security
  6. And insurance
  7. Training and sensitization
  8. Certified certificate from SMEDAM AND NIRSAL


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Address: Arkshore Consult Nig Ltd, Industrial Park Ilesa Owo Exp Road Akure, Ondo State.

Or call 08063694731, 08065501896

  1. Enroll yourself for 2days training and get acquainted with the package
  2. Pay visit to the Arkshore farm village
  3. You can also be trained online and get your video material

Hurry now and register, first 100 lucky farmer  .