Fish Health and Disease Control Part 5

Fish Health and Disease Control Part 5


Virus by nature is invisible organism to human eye without aid. Virus detection and identification requires specialize laboratory techniques. The control of this diseases is difficult and require a specialize fisheries consultant like me to advice on what to do. Note the continuous present of fungi/bacteria condition in the pond/tank can give room for the occurrence of viral diseases such as viral hemorrhagic septicemias (VHS), Infections pancreatic necrosis (IPN) etc. Some of the symptoms of viral diseases are:

  1. Multiple ulcers in various part of the fish body.
  2. Slow and weak movement.

Some of the prevention techniques include: feeding with quality feed at the recommended rate, practice good pond/tank management system, Practice good pond/tank sanitation etc.


Fish health management are design to prevent/control and treat fish disease once fish get sick, we had look at infectious disease i.e. disease cause by pathogenic organisms present in the environment or carried by other fish, we are going to be looking at non-infectious diseases or management related disease which are disease caused by environmental problem(s) such as poor water quality management, nutritional deficiency or genetic defects in this Episode ‘5’ of the series “FISH HEALTH AND DISEASE CONTROL”. This disease whose occurrence is cause by mis-management on the part of the farmer or the hatchery manager in the case of genetic defect. Some mis-management practice carry-out by farmer(s) are:

  1. Poor water quality management
  2. Erratic pond feeding
  3. Inbreeding
  4. Poor/low quality feed etc.

Some of the disease caused as a result of nutritional deficiency are:

  1. Broken back disease
  2. Broken head disease
  3. No blood disease etc.

Some of the symptoms of diseases caused as a result of nutritional deficiency are:

  1. Broken skull/head
  2. Fish anaemia
  3. Spinal cord Deformation etc.

Some of the symptoms of poor water quality management/environment problems are:

  1. Bad smell pond/tank water with air bubbles on water surface early in the morning and evening.
  2. Pond water over-grown with algae (algae-bloom).
  3. Slow and sluggish fish movement etc.

Some of the symptoms caused as a result of inbreeding are:

  1. Low resistant to disease
  2. Low resistant to environment changes such as stress
  3. Stunted fish growth
  4. Fish deformation etc.

Prevention/ control

  1. Feed fish with good quality feed with all the nutrient present in the right proportion.
  2. Feed fish according to the recommended feeding rate.
  3. Practice good pond/tank management such as good water quality management, fertilization, liming.
  4. Practice good pond/tank sanitation etc.

In conclusion of this fish health and disease control/prevention and treatment, note that ability to recognize a disease condition in a fish population is essential to early detection and effective control leading to fish disease been eliminated completely or treated. I will conclude by saying be a wise farmer for your fish farm business to be successful.

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