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TO: ALL MEDIA HOUSES PRESS RELEASE ON TILAPIA LAKE VIRUS (TiLV) BAN ON TILAPIA AND ORNAMENTAL IMPORTS Tilapia Lake Virus is a newly emerging virus that is associated with significant mortalities in farmed Tilapia. The attention of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development in Ghana (MoFAD) has been drawn to the fact that cases […]

Fish Health and Disease Control Part 5

FISH VIRAL DISEASE Virus by nature is invisible organism to human eye without aid. Virus detection and identification requires specialize laboratory techniques. The control of this diseases is difficult and require a specialize fisheries consultant like me to advice on what to do. Note the continuous present of fungi/bacteria condition in the pond/tank can give […]

Fish Farming and Water Quality Parameters

Fish farming is done primarily inside water, as fish cannot live outside water. Water is the ‘soil’ on which fish is been ‘planted’. Just as with the natural soil, the fertility and productivity of the water depend on the quality of the water. The output obtained from fish farming is a factor of three co-factors. […]

Fish Health and Disease Control Part 4

As started in article 3, some  parasite we talked about can be found in some fish organ like gills, body skin even in fins, mouth etc. the fin is one of the most suitable place of attachment by these parasite. Some of the prevention and treatment measure are started below; PREVENTION/TREATMENT Avoid purchasing infected fry […]

Effective Management as a Tool for Profitable Catfish Farming

The importance of animal protein for human sustenance cannot be over-emphasized as it forms the main building block for growth and reproduction in animals including man. Fish being more nutritious and delicious when compared to other animal protein, is a readily available source of protein. It is cheap, easy to prepare and process and readily […]

Fish Health and Disease Control Part 3

Stress management in fish production (e.g tilapia, cat-fish etc.) is one important factor or key that will determine if your fish farm business will be successful. The following are the consequence of fish stress; Reduction in fish immunity to disease/environment changes. Lack of appetite. Increase in cost of feeding caused by lack of appetite/waste of […]

Fish Health and Disease Control Part 2

There are more than 100 known fish diseases. Most of which do not seem to discriminate between fish species while some others are host-specific. Bacteria, which is one of the common cause of most fish diseases, can be prevented from infecting fish when proper fish management is been practiced. Bacteria infected fish can be treated. […]

Fish Health and Disease Control Part 1

All living things in certain circumstances are subject to ill-health and diseases, and fish is no exception. It is possible that at one time or the other the fish farmer has to deal with disease conditions of fish in the pond. To do this properly, it is necessary to know something about fish diseases that […]

Fundamentals of Concrete Tank Management

Good concrete tank management is a pre-requisite for profitable fish farming and how best we manage our concrete tank as a farmer or intending fish farmer should be of utmost importance. Concrete tank which is one of the most common holding facility for fish culture in Nigeria especially in areas where the soil cannot hold […]


Chikoko pond is a pond made from a dark grey or dark brown or black fibrous clay material which is sometimes normally characterise with foul odour. This clay soil which is sometimes refer to as Nigerian deltaic clay, is one of the three types of soil found in the Brackish Water Mangrove Swamps of the […]